6 and a half months old: rolling

Thea has decided that rolling over is the new lying flat on her back. It’s her activity of choice and is usually accompanied by high pitch screams and squeals.

She’s discovered volume and pitch… It’s not pretty. My daughter has a way to go before she’s challenging Mariah or Beyonce but she can certainly reach those top octaves!!

We’ve been feeding her real food (albeit blended) this month. I think it’s made her stronger so she can roll and do press ups easier. I think she might be crawling in about two months.

Today I’m going to make some chicken stock to cook potato in and see how she gets on with that… Weaning is exciting but it does kinda tie you to the house which isn’t great.

The mess it creates is extraordinary!!

I’ve also been helping Thea to sit up. She gets annoyed pretty quickly. Now she’s found her feet she mainly just wants to grab and eat them while sitting up.

I was showing Chuck how well she could sit on the dining room table and Thea promptly launched herself forward and head butted the table top!! Bad mum!!!


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