6 months old: 1st stage weaning

So weaning is well under way. I was working my way through root veg but I thought I’d take a detour and try avocado today!

Weaning is a weird one. It makes all mums, no matter how faithfully they followed previous advice and routines, go completely on instinct.

Some of my friends have been weaning since barely four months – offering a taste of this and that – some are doing baby led and others are winging it with a mix of Gina Ford and Annabel Karmel.

Me, I’m doing all of the above, with the exception of early weaning. Thea had her first spoonful of porridge just before Christmas – she was 5.5months and seemingly ready to have a little more than just milk.

How do you really know though? I mean she just started waking up in the night again and she’d take a full feed at 4.30 and then another at 7am so I thought the time had come. I don’t know for sure though?

I didn’t start on the veg until she hit 6 months. Now we’re introducing a new food every other day. So far so good. It’s a mucky business. I got one of those £14 Ikea high chairs and I genuinely had to put it in the shower after the avocado… With the baby still in!

Just kidding. I took Thea out of the chair prior to giving it a good rinsing and she had her bath shortly after. Every item of clothing needed washing and she’d been wearing a full length body bib!!!

I give Thea pieces of food to play with while I shovel steamed and blended versions of the same stuff in with a spoon. She mostly ignores it and tries to grab my spoon! She also gets her own spoon to play with which I occasionally load with purée for her to douse herself in and smear into her eyebrows. She hits the goal every now and again and looks proper pleased with herself. It’s quite cute but I actually think Thea is trying to eat the spoon too. She doesn’t know it’s not part of the meal. Mmmmm, spoon.

So far we’ve done mash potato (with breast milk), swede, turnip, sweet potato, carrot, pear, banana and avocado. I have a chart on the fridge where I right down what she’s had, how much (currently measured in teaspoons) and how she reacted (measured with emoticons) – there’s a lot of sad faces on the chart so far!

Thea is against swede and turnip but I’ve told her if you can find it on the menu at the Fat Duck it can’t be that bad! She’ll be wanting snails with her porridge next!


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