6 month old: Xmas & New Years Eve

8.37am on January 1st 2013… I’m awake listening to the little one babble and sing at the top of her lungs.

I’m knackered but at least I don’t have a hangover! We took Thea to two NYE bashes last night. One in Islington and one in Greenford. She basically slept through both.

She’s been awesome all Christmas – thank you Gina Ford – sleeping anywhere and everywhere when required and being charming and cute during awake time.

We started her on baby porridge after that Night of the Four wakings (see previous post) and it did the trick. We haven’t had many wake ups since – just the odd timing issue when we changed time zones in France and back.

She’s also tried potato and turnip (she wasn’t a huge fan of turnip) mixed with a little breast milk or water. I’m loving weaning her but it’s hard work and I already miss the simplicity of making a cuppa and sitting down in front of Homeland whilst feeding her on the boob!

Today is the final day of the Xmas “holiday” and I think we’re all relieved to see the back of all this travelling about and non-stop socialising.

Just gonna stay in tonight and have pasta – me, Chuck and Thea. Yaaaaay!

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