5 and a half months: sleep issues

I naively assumed that we’d cracked sleep and that from now on night wakings would be rare and only if, say, jet lag or illness was involved.

Unfortunately I had failed to factor in the more or less permanent winter cold that babies with virtually no immunity suffer from AND the increased hunger that comes when your child is about ready to wean.

So last night Thea went to sleep at 7pm and had a squawk at 8ish. I left her to it and 5 mins later she was back asleep.

Then she woke properly at 1.30 and had to be fed. Again at 2.30 and then 5.30 we had loads of loud chattering which went on for 5-10 minutes before she slept again and when I went in at 7.15 she was happily squealing to herself and kicking her happy legs about in apparent excitement.

Sooo exhausted now. I’d got used to blissful 8 or 9 uninterrupted hours of sleep plus a nice evening just myself and Chuck.

We’re going to start introducing baby porridge at the 11am feed today so hopefully that will help sort it out.


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