5 month old: getting to sleep

I really thought we’d cracked sleep. Thea’s been “sleeping through” since she was about 3 months – and, just so we’re on the same page, by that I mean 6.30pm to 10.30pm when we wake her food a feed then 11pm to 7am.

That was good. Still is good but I have noticed that she is basically feeding herself to sleep and if she doesn’t fully get to sleep on my boob then we get major tears.

I tried the past couple of nights to put her down awake but she’s just screamed the minute her back hits the mattress. Then when she eventually does go to sleep she wakes herself up and cries again – usually twice before finally settling.

Last night she did this so I tried bringing her downstairs and giving her a bottle of expressed in case she was still hungry. She drank about 40ml so perhaps she does need a bit of topping up?

That was about 8pm so I decided there would be no 10pm feed. She slept through! I however woke up with incredibly sore, rock hard boobs at 4am and had to pump! Feel exhausted now!!

Tonight I’m going to try giving Thea her whole feed at 5.30pm before her bath and then putting her to bed after bath without a feed… She’ll still get a 10pm feed. I have my fingers crossed that this will be the beginning of her learning how to sleep without my boob as a prop!

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