5 months: Mastering rolling

Thea is 5 months old and she’s just mastering the art of rolling.

At 3.5 months she did her first back-to-front roll – she performed this trick three times at that day, twice the next day and then we didn’t see it again.

She made cursory attempts at the back-to-front roll but never really got going. It almost seemed like an accident the couple of times she did it.

Then last week she really started to practice rolling. She now arches her back and turns her head really far back and uses her back foot to kick herself over.

She still doesn’t always succeed but she’s putting the effort in! And once she’s on her belly she performs I kind of Superman banana type stretch and appears to be attempting to put her feet over her head!! She puts her arms out behind her and arches… Usually while singing in her brand new high pitched wail. She still doesn’t cry much but she loves a good loud shout and sing session.

I think another week or so and she’ll have well and truly mastered rolling. Then we can move on to sitting!


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