4.5 months: Sitting up and other milestones

About three weeks ago I started helping Thea to sit up. She loves to stand and her legs are getting really strong but sitting she wasn’t so keen on.

She particularly loathed the Bumboo. She would arch her back and try to escape from it when I put her in. However now she’s a bit stronger she’s not opposed to chilling out in her Bumboo chair. She goes quiet when I put her in it but she doesn’t squirm and complain anymore.

We play row row row your boat to help her sit. At almost 5 months she can just about sit unaided but only for a few seconds. The same goes for standing.

I think in about two-three weeks she’ll be sitting up on her own for short periods.

Her other new trick is the Demi-Roll. A half-way roll from back to side. She likes to combine this with an arch to see what’s going on behind her. She arches the same way when I’m holding her – she seems to like seeing the world upside down.

Her other developmental milestone is reaching and grabbing. In fact she’s still not really reaching but if something’s given to her she will grab it and cling on, wave it about a bit, put it in her mouth. Things out of reach she occasionally bats at but she’s not that fussed.

We bought her an O-ball (Asia’s number one selling baby toy – their Sophie Giraffe if you like) and she lives putting her tongue through the holes and generally gumming at it.

She loves splashing now too! That started two weeks ago and now bath time is a very messy event. She even splashes at swimming too.

Vocally she’s changed too. She’s added new, louder shrieking sounds to get repertoire and lots more giggles.

Thea goes quiet when we’re out and she’s not sure about her surroundings but at home she’s a noisy little devil. She doesn’t cry much but she LOVES a good shout.

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