Norovirus – baby with vomiting virus

Ohhhh heartbreaking, my poor little Thea got Norovirus this week.

It was Monday afternoon and she had been unusually crabby and whiny all day. I thought it might be the remnants of jet lag as we only arrived home from Japan the Sunday before last but it she was just getting more and more fretful.

I took her upstairs and took off all her clothes so she was naked on the changing mat. I thought perhaps she was constipated so I massaged her belly clockwise direction pushing fairly firmly – i could feel bubbles inside her so i was working them diwnward towards the “exit” – and then, sppplllluuuurggge, out came a flood of diarrhoea!

Poor little Thea was crying and pulling up her legs but massaging seemed to calm her a bit so I did some more and we had two more bouts of poop.

I gave Thea a bath and she seemed to be much better so I thought that was that. I bundled her up and headed into town with the buggy.

Unfortunately an hour later as I was queuing in the post office, she suddenly started to get whiny again. I scooped her up and she promptly puked all over me, herself, the buggy, the floor!!!

There’s only so much a muslin cloth can help in these situations.

I walked her home slightly concerned cause Thea isn’t really a puker. I changed us both and fed her when we got in but once again she vomited all over me as I was burping her!

Another change and I put her back on the boob so she wouldn’t get dehydrated from all the list fluids. While she fed again I called NHS Direct who advised me to take her to the Walk In Clinic.

I called a cab and went downstairs to tell my sister we were gonna have to go to the doctors.

Lily was just in the middle of rolling her eyes and deriding me for being one of “those” mothers when Thea threw up again soaking her second grobag, my third set if clothes and the floor. Lily got her coat.

The doctor said she thought Thea had picked up the winter vomiting virus which is apparently everywhere! She said it’s basically just in the air when I asked where Thea may have got it.

She told us to check by pulling down Thea’s bottom lip. If it’s moist in there she’s ok. If it’s dry we have to take her straight to A&E! Eeek.

Fortunately we were told it usually passes within 24 hours and we just have to keep her hydrated and fed more than usual and let her sleep lots. She can have Calpol for the pain.

I also learned that it was best not to burp her after a feed as she just threw it all up if I did that.

The next day she was much much better but I got the fear that she might have meningitis so schlepped her down to A&E just in case. The doctor there was amazing. He gave her a full check and pronounced her fit and healthy! Phew.

By the end of Tuesday she was much happier but still a bit clingy. We found out that it could take up to a week for her to stop being contagious but by Friday she was 100% her old self so I thought she’d probably be ok and as I hadn’t gotten it (I get everything going normally) the danger had passed.

We went to our Hartbeeps class but she lay on her muzzy instead of the blankets provided and I didn’t let her hold or lick anything and steered clear of the other babies.

Poor little Thea. It was horrible that she was so upset and I couldn’t really comfort her. Glad it didn’t last long though! She’s actually even happier now!

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