Grabbing and other baby milestones have a very useful baby development chart which tracks what “most” children are doing as the months go by, what “some” kids do and also what “a few” (presumably gifted) babies can do.

This is all very well but, despite them stressing that it’s just a guide and your baby will do things in her own time, it still makes me worry.

Thea is baring weight on her legs which puts her in category 3. The little lady is ahead of the pack when it comes to standing. She started doing that at about two and a half months and now she’s become obsessed with standing.

Unfortunately she’s behind, as in not even on the chart, on a few other things. She’s 16 weeks and she doesn’t grab.

She couldn’t be less bothered by toys. She occasionally bats about them but unless I put them in her hand she isn’t fussed.

She also seems to have an internal tick list of skills – once she’s mastered a trick, she won’t do it again!! Rolling happened last Friday but hasn’t been seen since, then there’s laughing, last seen two weeks ago! Smiling is a treat. And she never turns her head to look at me when I carry her around. She’s too interested in the world than to waste time staring at mummy.

Thea also loathes the Bumboo. She doesn’t want to sit up at all.

I know I’ve got to stop worrying because Thea is an alert little thing but I still can’t help myself! I have visions of my daughter doing the walk of shame to the special ed block at my old school… I hope the reason she doesn’t kick about totally manically when she’s lying down is because she’s super intelligent and is conserving energy not because she’s just super lazy or slow.

Don’t worry Thea, we’ll keep trying to tempt you with stuff to grab – you’ll get there in the end!



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