Rolling over

We went to our local Hartbeeps class today. It’s lovely, all-singing, all-dancing, mother & baby session held, a little bizarrely, in a pub.

The format’s really nice – we all sit in a circle with our babies in front of us on a rug and some fleece mats and we sing at them, move them around and show them new objects, all to music.

This was our second session and our NCT buddies Hermoine, Tamara and Agnes were all there too. H was knelt next to me with baby Ava. We all put our babies on their stomachs for tummy time and Thea stretched out her right arm and rolled over!!

H and I looked at each other, in surprise! I thought it was a fluke but when I put her back on her belly she did it again. Four times she rolled. I was so proud!!! Thea is 15 weeks old and she can now hold her head at 45degrees when on her front. She’s started lifting her legs too. Like a little banana.

I now have to watch to see if she rolls back to front. So far she’s quite content to just lie there sucking her thumb until she drifts off.

Thumb Sucking

It’s great that she can now spread her hand over her entire face until her thumb finds her mouth because she just sends herself off to sleep! Self comforting – brilliant.

Thumb sucking started four days ago and has become more and more a favourite of her repertoire.

She’s had such a stimulating day that it’s not even 6pm and she’s bathed, massaged and currently falling asleep on my boob. Bless her!

2 thoughts on “Rolling over

  1. Self soothing… I love it!! Henry was attached to the thumb as soon as he popped out.. Im slightly worried how Im going to detach it from his mouth later on in life, but for now it works! No rummaging around for dummies, if he is tired in the thumb pops in his mouth and off to sleep goes!!

    • It’s amazing – I leave the room for five minutes and she’s tucked her thumb in, eyes glazed and barely open, on her way to the land of nod. I’m fine with it but when she gets her big teeth it’ll have to stop. God know’s how you make it stop!

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