Baby sleeping in own room

Another catchy title… Baby sleeping in own room. Why do I do it? It’s so people who are searching for info on this might find the post on one of the search engines and read it 🙂 If that’s what you’ve done and you found yourself here, hi and thanks for stopping by.

Ok so Thea is now 3 months and 2 weeks old roughly and I had always intended for her to stay in our room until she was 6 months. Then I moved the “baby sleeping in own room” deadline up to 4 months because she was fast out-growing her crib and we were waking each other up every night (or Chuck would wake us with his horrendous snoring). Then I changed to “when she sleeps through solidly for a week” – she’d done it a couple of times but the norm was that she’d wake about 6am, grizzle, issue a little whimper and I’d sweep in and whop her on the boob before she actually started crying.

Then on Monday I finally realised that if I didn’t swoop in she would probably go back to sleep/not fully wake up. I mean I don’t scoop her up at every little whimper during the day. She puts herself back to sleep then, she could do it at night too if I wasn’t there intervening at the merest hint of wakefulness.

My theory was that if she slept in her own room (the one next to our room) then she’d probably sleep through the night.

And I was right.

Still it was hard! Emotionally hard. I stayed up until 2am staring at the baby monitor… the baby monitor in front of the beautiful but empty crib next to my bed.


I listened for the slightly whimper, any sign of  distress. I practically had the monitor clamped to my ear and in her room it was stretched across the room right up next to the bars of her cot.

Nothing. I waited and waited. Nothing. Crept in to check she was still breathing at 2.15am and, reassured, finally went to sleep.

I woke at 7 when my alarm went off and panicked! The monitor wasn’t flashing, Thea wasn’t awake, she’d probably expired in the night! I practically leapt out of bed, berating myself for not having woken up earlier, bowled into her room, whacked the light on full, only to be greated by a sleepy, contented beam from my beautiful baby girl.

The next night I moved the monitor to a slightly more sensible distance and she was still fine when I rushed in to check for vital signs at 7am the next morning.

So essentially, if your baby is sleeping until 5 or 6am everyday but wakes you up with whimpering then your best bet is to move your little one into their own room – or the other side of your room – just get some distance between you and you will all sleep better for it.

Naturally you still need to be very careful to ensure your baby isn’t too hot or too cold and observe all the usual FSID advice for preventing Sudden Infant Death – I don’t swaddle Thea anymore either, she’s in grobags. And if you want to get yourself some grobags but are put off by the £30+ price tag (who wouldn’t be!) then hit eBay where you can score one from about £6! Nice.

I discovered this when Thea puked all over her one and only grobag (a gift) and I figured I should have a spare. Minging. She’s only puked four times in her life so I’m not really used to it. And she only poos every other week. So far I have a very easy baby…

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