Driving with a newborn

Driving with a newborn is quite an experience!

It was OK in the very early days because generally Thea would just fall asleep and I wouldn’t hear a peep out of her until we reached our destination.

Now she is older (all of seven weeks!) she’s a more demanding passenger.

I took her from Wallingford to Gloucester without incident by carefully planning the trip to coincide with her long lunchtime nap.

However when I commenced the final leg of my journey – Gloucester to Taunton- it all went horribly wrong.

Again I had carefully planned the trip in time for hep afternoon nap and as the journey is about 1hr and a quarter I should have arrived in time for her feed.

The M5 unfortunately had other ideas!

It was choked up that I ended up having to pull off just after the Bristol bridge. Thea was screaming, purple with rage. We’d already been driving an hour and a half and the sat nab was telling me I had another hour to go!

I ended up pulling into a scary looking Bristolian council estate and feeding Thea in the front seat with all the doors locked.

Despite her epic screaming it turned out she wasn’t 100% committed to the feed and kept dropping my nipple and exposing me to passing tracksuited chavs!

This isn’t the first time she’s taken this tack.

One journey from Maidenhead to Ealing took me two hours (normally 40mins) as I had to leave the M4 and make a tour of side roads off the A4 from Heathrow to Uxbridge because Thea was cluster feeding every 20 minutes! 15minutes of feeding would buy me another 20minutes of quiet to drive! Awful!!

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