Helping baby to poo

I never thought I’d need to google help baby to poo! I though baby poo happened automatically both frequently and copiously. Unfortunately Thea reached 7 days with no poo so clearly she needed help.

Apparently it’s completely normal for breastfed babies to poo infrequently – some go to 14 days. In other cultures 30 days isn’t unusual! It didn’t seem to both my baby particularly apart from a few hours she spent at night grunting, straining and desperately trying to go.

Here’s my list of things I’ve tried:

Bicycle legs
I’ve peddled her little legs for a few minutes every morning – nothing happened.

Tummy tuck
I tried pulling her legs up to her tummy and pressing them gently down. She thought this was funny at first then quickly got annoyed.

Circular massage
After her bath I would massage her little belly in clockwise circular motions – she seemed to like it but still nothing happened.

I Love U massage
When it became clear the circular massage was futile I moved to the I Love U massage to help baby to poo.

I = top to bottom stroke on her left side starting just below her ribs and going down to her hip.

Love = upside down L starting from her right side and moving a Ross her abdomen to the left then coming down to her groin (slightly diagonally)

U = upside down U starting at her hip on the right and arching over her belly button to the left (clockwise again)

I spent a good 15 minutes on this and she seemed to like it but still no poo!

Cooled boiled water
I introduced a small drink of cooled boiled water in between feeds. She wasn’t keen on this.

Day 5, she seemed to be seriously struggling and uncomfortable so I decided to try the Q-tip technique. I used Lanolin instead of Vaseline as it’s more natural. I carefully inserted the lubed tip of the cottonbud into her little bum just as far as the cotton, applied a very slight downward pressure then gently pulled it out.

First time I did this it worked after two goes and she went LOADS.

The second time I tried it, when once again she’d reached day 6, and nothing happened. Plus she got upset so I stopped.

Prune juice
I then swapped the boiled water for prune juice diluted (1 part prune juice : 5 parts water). She loved it but still didn’t go that day.

GP prescribed laxotive
Finally on day 7 I took her to the GP who prescribed Lactolouse. Thea immediately threw her first dose up all over me. I thought I’d try again later…

But then she went!!

I can’t say I know what finally did it but perhaps one or a combination of these techniques helped her to poo?

I never thought I’d be so happy to see such a massive, offensively smelling pile of poo!!!!

I’ll keep up the bicycle legs, massage and the juice to help her stay regular (even if regular for her is every seven days!

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