Sleep after the nightmare night

2256 was the time I cracked and put a semi-crying Thea on the boob.

She sucked for less than ten minutes before falling soundly asleep at which point I transferred into a swaddle sheet and put her to bed.

She woke again at just after midnight – I reswaddled her and mercifully she fell asleep again.

At 3am she had her dream feed although she decided to wake up for it. The night had got really sweaty so I risked removing her babygro and just swaddling her in her nappy. She got excited.

Fortunately after a few test grizzles in the dark she just went back to grunting and trying to escape her swaddle.

She was still doing this when I woke again at 6am – It didn’t sound like she was upset or in a hurry so I left her to her “work”.

At 0650 I pumped 70ml and Chuck took her for a nappy change. Still no poo!

0702 Thea goes back on the boob happy! Falls asleep ten minutes later but continues to suck.

Great! Gonna be another day of trying to keep her awake!!

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