Baby throat congestion

I’m no closer to working out why Thea has baby throat congestion despite hours of Google-based research! She sounds like she has catarrh or phlegm or even vomit in her throat with these little sounds she makes!

It didn’t seem to bother her until yesterday when she was very grizzly and unsettled.

It was quite horrible because she’s normally so chilled out. I’m not very good at coping with her screaming. I just panic.

I’ve learned that crying down doesn’t really work until babies are about 3 months old so for now if Thea cries then I’ll pick her up.

I also don’t seem to be able to get Thea to be drowsy even when she’s clearly knackered and yawning! If she’s wide-eyed there’s no way I can get her down for a nap! I have to wait until she’s ready to sleep, eyes drooping and all or feed her to sleep – which I know I shouldn’t do but it’s the only thing that works!!

Still think she might have a little reflux problem but at least she’s nicely calm today. Fingers crossed that’ll last as it’s our first night out tonight and her Aunty Lynne is babysitting! Eek!


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