Baby vomiting

I decided to blog about the things I Google because it’s hard keeping any sort of regularity going – even when you are Gina Fording!

So tonight I’ve been investigating baby vomiting. It’s 7pm and she’s meant to be sleeping! We were winding down after bath, enjoying a feed in bed…

Thea is 4 weeks almost 5 weeks old and for the first time she just vomited all over me and the bed. Everything had to be changed. Two pillows soaked through! The sheet, all my clothes including knickers, and Thea’s outfit too!

She possets sometimes but she’s never fully vomited and my god there was a lot!

I’m not unduly worried – babies puke it’s normal but I had to look it up anyway. Naturally i’ve read some horror stories and now I’m slightly on the alert for various unlikely situations.

I decided to re-feed her afterwards. She seems absolutely fine and not at all concerned that she just lost her dinner.

I figure as long as she seems ok and doesn’t have a temperature she should be ok.

I’ve checked for diarrhoea too – nothing yet!

She doesn’t want to be put down AGAIN so I’ve resorted to wrapping her on to me with the sling but even that hasn’t worked! She’s currently chilling out on Daddy’s lap – wide awake and looking pretty happy.

This is the third night of unsettled evenings but the first time with baby vomiting. Perhaps it’s a new tactic to illicit sympathy and avoid being put to bed while mum and dad watch the Olympics! Xxx

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