Newborn – 4 weeks

Alethea is four weeks old today!

I can’t believe she’s been in our lives for a whole month. It feels like I’ve had her forever but it also seems like only yesterday we were in hospital!

Things I’ve worried about:

      Sleep grunting and struggling – turns out it was just wind and doing epic amounts of poo a few days later (also worried about lack of poo for two days)
      Not weeing for 5 hours – actually she had. Chuck just thought her nappy was dry… It wasn’t.
      Getting diarrhoea from my antibiotics – I did. She didn’t.
      Having pollen allergies after I accidentally covered her in Lilly pollen and dyed her orange! – she was fine.
      Baby acne – totally normal
      Whenever she’s quiet I think she’s stopped breathing! – sometimes she has but this is also totally normal for newborns! It’s torture!!!
      Infected “frou” – mine not hers. The labia tear continues to be a problem! So should have had stitches!!
      Piles – me again. Instead of getting better after birth they started bleeding!!! TMI. Sorry.
      Over-heating – the sun came out for two days and I panicked she was going to expire. Went on an Internet shopping spree for buggy sun canopies, fans and insect screens!
      Oily eyes – her irises look like they’re covered in rainbowy oily film. Apparently this is also normal.

Things I love:

        When she windy smiles at me and there’s so much happiness in her eyes.
        All her little noises – she sounds like a kitten. “Mew”.
        Her amazing faces – my favourite is when she makes her mouth into a really small little “o”
        Newborn outfits – she finally fits newborn and we have some really cute outfits
        When she’s awake, alert and peaceful – this usually happens on her changing mat. Weird.

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