Newborn – 3 weeks old

Alethea officially exists!

Yep, little Thea is now registered and in “the system”.

I made my driving with child debut too. Popped the little munchkin in the car seat and drove to Chuck’s work to show her off (plus it’s closer to the register office).

I had a brief worry about how to get Thea, the car seat, the buggy and my bag from the house to the car… In the end I opted to leave Thea in the car seat in the living room while I ran to the car with buggy and drove it to the front door (it was a few cars up the street) before loading her.

I felt quite guilty about Thea’s one minute home alone but I didn’t know how else to do it…

We also tackled the tube! I found I can lift the bugaboo up stairs myself – useful considering neither of the tube stations I visited had lifts or escalators!

And in a day of firsts, I also fed her in the park while eating lunch AND fitted a special, new UV sun canopy to the buggy.

I ordered it from a site called (I think… I’ll check the exact URL) in the afternoon and the next morning it had arrived! Excellent service.

The UV sun canopy is a bit in the pricey side (isn’t everything bugaboo related) but it is excellent!

I’ve been worrying about the heat – when we go out Thea is encased in her all-black bugaboo world and it’s so hot in there! The UV sun canopy replaces the black hood and it’s a nice cool silver and White with mesh panels – plus it pulls all the way down over the buggy so protects her from insects and the sun at the same time. Definitely worth it!


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