Newborn – 5 days old

Alethea is 5 days old now!

We decided to conduct a baby photoshoot and Chuck arranged a little scene to photograph with the sheepskin rug and a basket – all very cute and very cheesy!

I arranged lilies around her and just at that moment she woke up and rolled on them!!

She got pollen all over her! I totally panicked! I just dyed my child orange!!! I raced upstairs with her and scrubbed her with johnson and johnson’s baby wash which I then thought I’d accidentally got in her mouth as I washed it off.

I imagine everything I do will result in Thea’s untimely demise at the moment so while I’d previously been thinking she’d get some sort of awful skin rash or go blind from the pollen, I then thought I’d poisoned her with baby wash!

Last night I worried she’d expire from ingesting the minute amount of teatree oil on my skin (I had a bath with three drops of teatree to help aid healing down there).

When am I going to stop expecting the worst?!

Today I also managed to express 60ml as my milk finally came in. My boobs are enormous!!! Breastfeeding is going very well.

We switched Thea to non-disposable nappies last night too. She chose this point to unleash frankly epic amounts of poo that looks like thick Bisto gravy!

She seems to like her Mio Bambino nappies though. My only critism is that the “gravy” escaped around her leg and ended up all over her!!! Probably didn’t put them on right?

And finally we also took Thea put for a spin in her buggy! She slept through the whole event but our stroll in the park – timed to perfection to coincide with a monsoon rain shower – was lovely. It was lovely to get some fresh air but it drained me completely – I’m even more exhausted now.

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