Blood clot after giving birth

Uuugh I forgot to mention the clot!

Day number two and I was feeding Thea in the hospital bed when all of a sudden I felt something slither out of me! A lot like how it felt when the placenta came out – a sort of wet gush that seemed sort of solid.

“I think something just fell out of me!” I squealed.

After her feed I waddled to the loo to inspect the damage and there on my massive maternity pad was an enormous claret red jelly – a blood clot!

I tried not to panic.

I wrapped the pad in a paper towel and ceremoniously carried it down the hall to the midwife desk. Rather than look disgusted she asked me to stow it in her midwife room so she could inspect it and get back to me…

I shuffled back to bed slightly mollified – if death was imminent I think she would have seemed more worried.

Three hours later she popped her head round the curtain of my ward “cell” and said she’d checked it for membrane and I was fine. They only worry if you pass two or three blood clots after birth in relatively quick succession.

Apparently it’s just cause we lie down so much the blood pools and then clots. All completely normal but we should try and move about as much as possible!

Easier said than done when you’ve torn your labia in half!!!!


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