Newborn – hospital stay

Thea and I were “held captive” in hospital for 48 hours because her blood sugar had registered low.

My daughter had an amazing first night. I fed her whenever she made the nuzzling face and rooted with her gorgeous little mouth, she slept peacefully or lay with her eyes open taking in the world around her.

Around us other babies screamed and wailed but we were happy in our little bubble.

She still had low blood sugar results even though she was feeding almost every two hours and there was clearly colostrum being made… The pedeatrician was called but I was sure there was nothing wrong with her so I didn’t panic.

The midwives had decided Thea should have top ups of 30ml and later 40ml of formula to help her out. I didn’t really want this but i was still so shell-shocked from the birth that I agreed. She took the bottle almost as well as she’d taken to the breast.

The doctor arrived at the same time as Chuck. He didn’t seem overly concerned about her sugar levels but he noticed her feet and hands were very cold and told us that was probably affecting the results!

We put her back into a full bodysuit and a hat, wrapped her in fleece and low and behold her next test jumped from 2.3 to 4.4! The nurse said she’d never heard of temperature affecting the results before – bit worrying.

The day whizzed by and it was so wonderful, I fell more and more in love with her.

She just starred around her. I briefly worried that she had eyesight problems as she didn’t appear to be focusing on anything but actually that’s totally normal.

We went to her health inspection and she was once again prodded and pulled about by an enormous but very friendly nurse. She checked out fine but as her leg creases didn’t match up and we have a history of dodgy hips in infancy in our family she got put down for some sort of scan to check that out around 6 weeks.

The nurse said that it was really common and even if it did show something up it would only mean physio exercises to correct it. I made a mental note to take her to see Matt the NeuroLink practitioner too.

A little later she had a hearing test which she passed in one ear, the lady said it was probably birth fluid making the other side unreadable (and when she tried the next day it was fine too).

We also had visits from Aunty Lily and Uncle Seph. Thea behaved like an angel!

We even signed up for a Breastfeeding study – means we get extra Breastfeeding support which is never a bad thing!

All in all the first day was idyllic. While other babies screamed, Thea was serene and tranquil.

The hospital food was the only low point. The pudding looked a bit like something that had fallen out if me after birth! Fortunately Chuck came to the rescue with a Starbucks panini.

How can hospital food be so so bad when your aim is to keep people healthy? Briefly considered a business venture selling nice baps and prune juice cartons the wards like some kind of hospital air hostess 😉

You could definitely do a good black Market trade in laxatives! No one likes to push after birth!


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