Labour – stage 1

Just thought I’d do another quick update. Might as well when you’re awake at 3.30am.

I managed to sleep for about an hour and then a contraction woke me up and sent me scuttling for the loo. They might be very spaced out at the moment but the intensity has certainly ramped up.

I seem to get one massive one every hour or thirty minutes and then they’re mild again – still about 50 seconds or so.

Lying on my side seems to make them much harder, I find being stood up, on the loo or kneeling in bath to be the most effective way of dealing with each surge.

Still I have to persevere with the lying down because I am supposed to be getting as much sleep as possible and it seems like it IS possible for me to snatch and hour or so here and there while the birth advances – good news.

At the moment I’m sitting cross-legged on the bed and with each contraction I lean back and rock gently on my hands, lifting my pelvis slightly off the bed but trying to keep all my muscles completely limp and slack as the surge goes through me. It seems pretty effective.

By the way – yesterday’s alleged “detached placenta” worry was not at all a detached placenta. Just regular stretched skin/uterus pain – all totally normal.

Chuck has been banished to the spare room for the evening. One) because he’s more likely to be able to get some rest there which he’ll need in the event he has to go to work tomorrow morning. Two) because his snoring is so epic there’s no way I’d be able to get any rest sharing a bed with a Jumbo jet. I can still hear him through the wall and closed doors but it’s not as bad.

Right, I’ve just eaten a banana and now I’m going to stick the HypnoBirth Rainbow Relaxation CD back on and try and catch some more Zzzzs. Either I’ll go to sleep or the surges will start to be closer together again and I can get this baby out 🙂 Win, win.

Check out the Positive Mental Attitude at 3.41 in the morning!

To be honest, I’m finding this all quite exciting.

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