Labour stage 1 – Taxi!

Ok so this is no longer “live blogging from the front line of labour” but I’m going to start writing the rest of the story as I remember it…

Chuck came back having failed in the post office part of the mission so was promptly re-dispatched and told to run.

I decided I didn’t want any Weetabix after all… Chuck had gone to make me some earlier and told me that the pack in the cupboard was actually empty so I was slightly bemused as to why the empty pack was STILL in the cupboard when I went downstairs after new Bix had been purchased 😉

Instead I continued to pace around the bedroom listening to the Rainbow Relaxation CD from the Hypno book.

I felt really good, the surges were uncomfortable but not unbearable and with each one I would grab the door frame for support and breathe deeply down and out to assist my cervix and get the dilation going.

By the time Chuck got back my contractions were between 3 and 2 minutes apart.

I knew we should probably wait until the 3-2 min contractions were a bit more established (this had only been about 20 minutes) but Chuck phoned the taxi and then the hospital who agreed with him that we should go in when they realised I couldn’t talk through the contraction.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t physically – it was just so much better if I didn’t and just breathed correctly. It’s actually impressive how much relief a breath can make.

If I forgot to breath properly or I didn’t relax all my muscles, I bloody knew about it!

We’d been told the ride to hospital often slows or stalls labour because it’s stressful.

The taxi which rocked up stresses me out.

Nasty ill-fitting faux leather tie on covers, the awful reek of old cigarette, masked by Magic Tree air freshner and a driver who rabbited away in Arabic on his headset and promptly turned out of our road in the opposite direction to the hospital!!!

I clutched my pillow, trying to breathe in the scent of home and instantly felt my contractions get weaker and further apart. I was dreading being sent home again…

We got to Chelsea and Westminster (having taken the “scenic route” via Acton and then Shepherds Bush from what I could gather from the few times I raised my face from the pillow!) and after five stops – where I threw my arms around Chuck’s neck and moaned deeply into his neck as i got through a surge- we arrived at the Birthing Unit.

“Hi, I’m Anna, I’m giving birth.”

It was 11.38am and I’d been in labour 15 hours.


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