Labour stage 1 – a new day dawns

Quick progress update seeing as I’m still at home and dawn made it’s soggy, grey entrance an hour or so ago… maybe more. Mercifully I’m losing some sense of time. This has seemed by far the quickest virtually sleepless night I’ve ever had.

Just parted ways with the Lamb Madras I had earlier (and that banana). It’s worth mentioning that I ate the Madras while already in the early stages of this labour so it can’t take any of the credit for kick starting the process. I’m convinced the curry thing is a myth!

Madras isn’t the most pleasant thing to threw up. It burned on the way down (which was good) and it hadn’t lost much of it potency when it made it’s triumphant return (which was bad). Still I feel slightly better for it.

The last six surges have been eight minutes apart, just long enough to lull me into a nice sense of calm and almost sleep, then BLAM! I raise myself up from my side to the all fours position, do a strange little rocking and rolling dance on the bed while repeating whatever HypnoBirthing mantra I can think off in my head and trying to imagine my cervix opening and the baby sinking down.

Then when I can just about move again, I waddle furiously to the loo.

There’s lots of tiny wees going on. I’m trying to keep hydrated but it’s coming out just as quick as it’s going in. Had another of these “motions” with the strange “pulsing” action – I don’t have anything to do with this at all, my body just does it all by itself. Quite cool.

Ohhh sorry. Had another – wasn’t quite a severe but they’re all lasting over a minute now. I guess that’s a good sign. Just need to get the interval down to 3-2minutes and then I’ll know I’m well on the way.

Annoying that could be days away.

It’s almost 6.30am now, I’m going to get up fairly soon and try and do some things to distract myself because sleep isn’t very easy now.

I’m sure there was something else I wanted to record about labour… ummm? Oh yes. I got really cold about an hour ago. I’ve supplemented my floral Primani jersey bottoms and vest top… hang on!

47 seconds that time.

…as I was saying I added a Virgin Atlantic sleep suit top and some ski socks to my look.I’m not going to be winning any awards for sartorial elegance, I tell ya.

The other two important points of note that I wanted to put down were that A) my waters haven’t broken and B) I’m only slightly sure that that I lost the mucus plug yesterday morning but there wasn’t any blood or anything so I can’t be 100% sure that’s what it was.

Ewwwww gross! Sorry probably too much in formation again – oh well, it’s birth. It’s not meant to be pretty!

Anyway, I better get back to it. According to HypnoBirthing this baby would get herself out even if I was in a coma but as I’m not, I feel like I should be helping.

–  My Contractions –

I’m using an app on my iPhone to count and measure each contraction (so much for “natural” birth!!) and it turns out I can email myself (or anyone else!) the latest results:

I’m in labor! These are my contractions:

Average over last 5 contractions:

Average duration contractions: 49 secs
Average interval between contractions: 4 mins 40 secs
Labor stage: active phase within the first stage of labor

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