Labour stage 1 – Pacing about

It’s a bit surreal now. Like the feeling you get after a four day festival binge when you’ve had no sleep and you move through the world like the air is made of soup.

Things that have happened are:

  • More contractions – now a bit more regular – like 4-3 minutes but, up until ten minutes ago, less intense.
  • Discovered pacing about lessens the impact
  • Lying down is the devil
  • Felt the Melon move about much further down now. Head is definitely in the fun zone.
  • We’ve told the Melon to make her way to the nearest exit where her mum and dad are waiting for her.
  • Puked again – nothing inside though
  • Trying to drink tea
  • Chuck is up and dressed and currently dispatched on a mission to buy Weetabix and Smoothies and go to the post office (gotta keep on top of the admin)
  • Tasteful floral Primani ensemble ditched for massive Primani nightshirt with awful diamante heart on the breast because wearing a waistband was bothering me.

Going back to pacing now.

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