Labour – The calm before the storm?

Two hours since my last post and things have calmed down a bit. It’s now about ten minutes between contractions and they’re a bit milder. I get the odd whopper but, all in all, things are slowing.

The midwife had said this could happen so I’m not unduly surprised. Chuck is watching Manga in bed, so that just goes to show you how uneventful and non-dramatic this is (and I’m blogging – that says it all really doesn’t it!)

So far it’s like a couple of waves or surges which feel like nasty period pain or that feeling you get when you have food poisoning and you know you’re bowels are about to blow. The breathing and relaxation really help, I wouldn’t say it’s epically painful, more uncomfortable and I can tell I could make the whole experience a lot worse if I added panic into the mix – I suppose it could still happen!

Too Much Information Alert: Actually my bowels have evacuated already and it was the weirdest thing – they kind of expelled the stool with this kind of pulsing…hang on contraction!!

Oh that was a biggie! 50 seconds and strong, Melon decided to join the party half way through and have a wiggle which really distorted the feeling.

Anyway as I was saying, the bowels evacuated with this strange pulsing action that I’ve never experienced before. Aside from actual “bum wees” it’s probably the easiest “motion” I’ve ever passed. Helpfully it combined with a contraction so that was good.

Sorry, I did warn you that it might be too much info.

Turns out the bog is one of the most comfortable places to be right now. I think it’s because when you’re on the throne you’re OK with relaxing your pelvic floor muscles and letting whatever will come out, come out. When you’re stood up or in the bath the natural reflex is to clench which is a bit counterproductive in this situation!

I spent an hour in the bath with the HypnoBirth CD and getting ratty with Chuck – he disappeared for twenty minutes and when I asked him where he was – I think my exact words after asking him to come and sit with me and waiting 15 minutes  (3 contractions worth) with no husband appearing were “what the f*ck are you doing!”

Turns out Chuck thought this was an opportune time to email his mates and tell them I was giving birth!

I suppose as I seem to think it’s a time for blogging I can hardly blame him but naturally I did – each contraction turns me temporarily into a little monster. It’s like 50 seconds of PMT – the rest of the time I’m totally calm and cool.

Anyway I’ll leave it there for now. I’ve washed my hair, shaved me legs and I’m in bed – oh another one…

OK, 37 seconds, 10 minutes interval. Things are definitely slower now. That was quite mild too.

I’m basically all ready for bed and the midwife said I should try and rest as much as possible so I’m about to attempt sleep.

This might be my last post before the Melon arrives or it might be a week before she decides enough’s enough. Hopefully it’ll be the former.

Wish me luck


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