Labour – It might actually be happening!

After having convinced myself, Chuck and his sister that I’ve  just been experiencing practice contractions since 8pm this evening, I’ve had to concede that actually I’m probably now in proper labour (and yep, still finding it bearable enough to write my blog).

I’m getting what feel like really viscous period pains every five to six minutes and they last about 40 seconds. It’s OK – the actual pain part doesn’t last very long and it’s not horrific but it makes me want to jump about and I’m supposed to be still and limp.

We phoned the birthing unit to confirm that this is actually labour and not just a test run and they seemed pretty confident.

I’m about to get back in the bath, the HypnoBirthing CD is on and I’ve got to start going into the zone to get through each contraction and remain relaxed. The breathing techniques and visualisations are really helping so far.

Although the surges are getting more severe, it’s OK because I know it actually means she’s on her way now.

Worryingly the midwife did mention this could go on for days… I’m not sure how Zen I’ll be if that happens…

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