Pregnancy week 39 – Induction worries

Today is the first day of my 39th week of pregnancy. I’m exactly one week away from my “due date”.

I really thought I would have given birth by now. I expected the Melon to be early. My mum was early with me and my brother and sister and I thought we just followed our mother’s pregnancies. I guess there’s still time for Melon to arrive before her actual due date but I’m now more and more convinced that she’s hanging on in there for the long haul.

I don’t think that they should give you a due date – it’s, after all, just the middle point of when it’s thought to be safe to give birth. Why don’t they just say “the baby could safely arrive anytime between these two dates”.

Only 4-5% of babies are actually born on their due date and it just creates this huge amount of pressure. Apparently first time mothers are way more likely to go up to ten days over their “due date” and on average 10% of all pregnancies are “overdue” (meaning past the due date). If you think how different each woman’s cycles are, it seems silly to assume everyone will grow a baby at the same rate.

The NHS usually offer/advise a membrane sweep at 41 weeks and induction at 42 weeks. In France, your due date is usually given at 41 weeks not 40 and in the US they often don’t advice induction until you reach 43 weeks – they have a lot of Mormon and Amish which are happy to let their pregnancies run up to and sometimes even beyond 44 weeks!

I read a very interesting article which claimed that the NHS still use statistics from 1958 to inform them on the risks of birth past 42 weeks. But that was when infant mortality rates were ten times higher anyway.

I really don’t want to be pregnant anymore, I really, really want to meet the Melon, but if she doesn’t want to come yet then I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

It could be three weeks or more before she decides to arrive.

If she needs a little help, I’ll get induced but only if there’s a good medical reason, specific to my pregnancy. It’s difficult though  because now I’m so far along, I worry about stillbirth and all sorts. I dare say when she arrives I’ll worry about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)… there’s always something to worry about but worrying gets you nowhere.

I’m going to spend the day working on my PMA!

Come on Melon, but your mum out of her misery!!

The Watermelon

Length – 51cm
Weight – 3290g

Muscles are getting stronger and she’s working them out – using mum as a punch bag! She’s still gaining weight and antibodies to be nicely prepared for life outside the womb.


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