38 weeks pregnant – can’t sleep

In the final weeks of pregnancy everyone and their wife tells you to “gets lots of sleep while you still can”.

If only.

For no apparent reason I ping awake at around 5am every day and there is no going back to sleep afterwards. I am fully awake.

Normally I will lie in bed listening to Chuck snore for at least half an hour while trying to will myself back to sleep but this approach has been wholly unsuccessful.

I’ve tried relocating to the spare room but that didn’t work either.

Fortunately at 6am my phone bleeped – my go on Words With Friends. Which other unfortunate soul was up at this ungodly hour on a Saturday?!

Mark, father to 5 month-year-old Brody who’d deemed 6am to be an appropriate time for the first meal of the day.

Alas even in his sleep deprived state Mark is still kicking my ass on WwF. I blame the baby brain. It’s a real thing!

It’s now almost 11am and I’ve watched three episodes of Bedlam, picked our strawberry crop (sour and virtually inedible), made a jug of strawberry and banana smoothie (surprisingly nice), had some toast, cleaned the kitchen and played pointless iPhone game Toy Balls for almost an hour (still can’t get the top score -ahhhhh!)

Now I’m going back to bed because i need a nap – hopefully Chuck will make breakfast while I snooze…

The Watermelon

Length – 50cm
Weight – 3083g

She’s producing surfactant which is to help her breath when the time comes. She’s building up a huge dump of maconium (the first poo) in preparation for meeting you – how pleasant. She’s still shedding the lanugo (white fur) and it might not even all have disappeared when she’s born. Weight is still piling on and your baby is getting ready to greet the world.

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