Pregnancy photo shoot

Me looking heavily pregnant in the park

Little Jewel Photography

A friend of mine has her own photography business. She normally does weddings but she’s just given birth herself and is looking to do more pregnancy and baby shoots.

I was a bit dubious but I figured I should probably have some momentos of my first pregnancy where I’m not scowling or looking hideous (these are the sorts of shots that Chuck takes on his iphone to laugh at with my friends).

Chuck and I met her in the park near Fulham to do the shoot. I just wore jeans and a t-shirt because honestly there’s only three things left in the wardrobe that still fit so my sartorial options were limited. I did my make up in honour of the occasion… it’s been a while.

Anyway, the shoot was really fun. It’s a bit cringey doing all these lovely-dovey shots with Chuck and you know at the end of the day you’re gonna end up looking a bit like a catalogue model but hey, I’ll take catalogue model! It’s better than massive, unkempt, heffer which is how I felt for most of the pregnancy 🙂

Julie ( did an exceptional job of making me look photogenic. Although, as you know, I have moaned and whinged and complained my way through the past nine months, it’s really lovely to have photos that make the whole thing look idyllic.

As I said, the changes in our relationship has been one of my favourite things about being pregnant – it might even be the best thing about being pregnant – and seeing that in the pictures is really wonderful.

Chuck’s been an amazing support (even though yesterday he threw a moody because he had to make dinner when the football was on. I was just too tired.) and the things he’s done to help me through pregnancy have been brilliant.

I mean the perineal (or “clunge” as he calls it) massage alone just demonstrates how much he’s prepared to put up with. I know he’d never have made dinner if France were playing but as it was Germany v Italy he was happy-ish to oblige.

Anyway the pictures of us are fantastic and Julie got some ridiculously flattering shots! It’s probably worth everyone getting pregnancy snaps done so you can try and remember it as a positive experience rather than a nine/ten month  long struggle. I’m really glad we did it.

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