38 weeks pregnant – a new low

Today I achieved a new low, a previously unimagined level of pregnancy-related indignity.

It was hot. So hot that I opted to wear a short-ish dress despite the fact that I last shaved my legs three days ago (the time before that is more easily recorded in months).

Initially all was fine. My bulk and all this extra blood made it slightly warmer but I was coping.

It was only after a 15 minute schlep up to Isabel’s that I realised my error…

No talc.

Yep, my thighs are now so fat that they actually rub together and chafe! My sweaty inner thighs were rubbing together and getting sore EVEN THOUGH I CURRENTLY WALK LIKE JOHN WAYNE!!!

Isabel wasn’t even in so I had to waddle all the way back and make an emergency stop at Saino’s for a family-size talcum powder… I applied liberally in the customer toilet. You can’t begin to imagine the relief and simultaneous shame of such a situation.

Pregnancy sucks.

The Watermelon

Length – 50cm
Weight – 3083g

She’s producing surfactant which is to help her breath when the time comes. She’s building up a huge dump of maconium (the first poo) in preparation for meeting you – how pleasant. She’s still shedding the lanugo (white fur) and it might not even all have disappeared when she’s born. Weight is still piling on and your baby is getting ready to greet the world.


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