Pregnancy week 37 – maternity leave

I’ve got used to maternity leave now. It took a while but now I’ve finally got the hang of it… and then I had to go back to work. There was a big presentation and I wanted to show my face to the new starters and the big boss. Actually all that this achieved was to frustrate me and and make me worry about going back! Am I taking too long off?

I’ve said I’ll take six months off and then go back. I’ll see how I feel about it when the Melon arrives.

At the moment I’m just exhausted almost all the time – I need to have afternoon naps. I’ve spent my days doing my own nice little projects:

  • Making large soft letters out of pretty fabrics from my wedding
  • Doing all the life admin (getting life insurance, ISAs, etc)
  • Cleaning like a maniac
  • Creating a wedding album (only 9 months after the event)
  • Mending clothes

It’s getting harder and harder to drag myself away from napping though! I listen to my Hypnobirthing CD and within minutes I’m snoring. I suppose relaxation is what I need right now!!

The WatermelonLength – 48.5cm
Weight – 2860g

She’s ready! The baby can now be born and would be considered full term. She’ll turn towards light and noises and can still move about inside although she should now be head down and headed into the birth path.


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