Pregnancy week 36 – baby shower

I got more into my maternity leave this week – I did loads of things like “life admin” i.e. Sorting out my ISA and sending off eBay sales (woo!)

I managed to pack my days full so I didn’t get bored, I’d rather be busy anyway. Sitting on the couch is just not comfortable at the moment so it’s better that I’m up and about doing “projects”.

I’m turning the 200 cushions I made for the wedding last year into soft letters for the baby to play with – to be fair my efforts are pretty rubbish but I doubt it matters! She’s only going to chew them up and throw them around anyway.

I’ve also got to somehow fashion a Moses basket cover…

I was quite relieved when the weekend arrived. We had a packed one with my pregnant friend Blair and her husband Bill coming to stay.

We wanted to go see What To Expect When You’re Expecting but it was on in the Scene cinema at Westfield which is £17.50 a ticket – bit excessive!! Or at 23.45 at the other Vue nearby which is obviously ridiculous considering the only people who’d want to see this movie are pregnant women who want to be in bed by 10pm!!

So we ended up eating lasagne and watching the muppet movie which was heart-warming enough.

Sunday was my baby shower! My lovely friend Tia organised it for me – we had afternoon tea in the Antiques and Art fair in Hyde Park which was very elegant and lovely. Can’t really go wrong with scones, clotted cream and a glass of prosecco!

My lovely girlfriends were very generous and The Melon now has an impressive capsule wardrobe for 0-3 months.

I love spending the afternoon with the girls – it’s just lovely.

The Honeydew

Length – 47.5cm
Weight – 2620g

She’s piling on the pounds so you probably feel hungry all the time too. She’s shedding her lanugo (the downy hair that covered her body) and she’s almost entirely coated in vernix. She sleeps about 90% of the time now and gains up to a pound per week.


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