Pregnancy week 35 – maternity leave begins

Thanks to the Queen and her Diamond Jubilee we all had another two days off this week so again I still haven’t really experienced a full week of maternity leave.

We came back from Scarborough on Monday morning and stayed over with my parents for the night (I basically wanted to see the cats) although Chuck and I promptly went out to the pub with a few folks.

My other pregnant friend, Blair, was there. Despite being due a good month after me, her bump is bigger. We compared notes – she’s STILL not really suffering with any negative pregnancy side effects, the lucky bastard.

Tuesday Chuck and I returned home which felt absolutely amazing. I love our bed so much! After sleeping on the world’s saggiest mattress in Scarbs for four nights I’m over the moon to be back on mattress-firma.

Ours is one of those memory-foam mattresses (superking too) So we barely feel each other move and Chuck isn’t disturbed by my three times a night bathroom visits and random 6am wake ups. A good bed is a blessing in pregnancy.

On Wednesday the world went back to normal so I had my first taste of real Maternity Leave. Here’s what I did:

– woke at 8am
– walked to park with Chuck (on his way to work). Strutted round the park and back home – 2.5k!
– cup of tea with next-door neighbour and her 8-month year old daughter.
– eBayed stuff to sell
– met NCT buddies for lunch
– went to Kew Gardens with my bro
– cooked dinner for Char
– realised I’d massively overdone it.

Predictably, some might say, I crashed after all that. My legs felt like I’d run a marathon. Chuck gave them a half-hearted rub and I retired to bed early doors.

The following day was MUCH less eventful… and therefore fairly dull.

I got into my stride on Friday but honestly by 5pm I was very ready for Chuck to come home. Despite my projects (making soft letters for the baby to play with, running up a maxi-dress, etc) I got really bored.

I think I need to practice relaxing more but I’m so conscious of the time I have to do my projects just slipping away…


The Honeydew

Length – 46cm
Weight – 2400g

This week the little melon is putting on “brown fat” which is there to make sure they stay warm when they arrive. The vernix (cheesy lube stuff) that covers the body is thick – it’s a bit like when people swim the English Chanel and cover themselves in Goose Fat. She’s practicing her breathing and movements and getting stronger everyday.


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