Pregnancy week 34 – Final week of work

Final week(ish) of work!!!! I finished on Wednesday because we set off for Scarborough for my cousin’s wedding Thursday night.

It feels weird but to be honest it’s quite hard to know if it feels different to a holiday just yet… With the UK having a four day weekend thanks to the Diamond Jubilee anyway loads of people are off work.

I am quite relieved I suppose.

The rib pain is now pretty excruciating if I sit up all day so I am happy to be able to take it easier on that front.

Then again five hours in a car to Scarborough didn’t do much for that situation either.

Went for an emergency spa trip on Friday to Scarborough’s ambassador hotel spa – they had a deal on the Mother To Be package which was pretty lush!

Back massage, foot and leg massage, gentle tub massage with mask, facial and a finish with anti-stretch mark massage lotion. It’s by Decelor and it was rather lovely though the therapist was shaking a bit which rather dampened the facial relaxation.

She told me she’d done too many massages that day -bless her. They need another therpist to help her I think!

By far the greatest thing about the spa was floating about in the pool with Chuck for an hour.

I love the weightlessness – I’m convinced a water birth is the way forward.

The wedding was outstanding – everyone had an amazing time. I wimped out at 9pm but to be fair I do have a fairly good excuse. This rib pain is ruining my partying stamina! Boo.

The Marrow

Length – 45cm
Weight – 2150g

Her immune system is beginning to work on its own now so she is preparing for life outside the womb. She does about one pint of wee everyday day. For boys this is the week that testicles usually start to descend.


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