Pregnancy week 33 – Meeting a newborn

Weirdly, I don’t think I’ve ever been around a newborn before!!

This weekend I went to visit my friend Isabel, my bridesmaid who was five weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. Isabel popped two weeks early (at just 38 weeks) and was in labour for FOUR DAYS!!!

I did not know this could happen.

She told me that things go going with a bloody “show” and she used HypnoBirthing techniques to get herself through it which worked really well BUT she kept bleeding. Naturally she went to hospital as you would if you were bleeding but was quickly sent home for not being far enough along.

The breathing techniques and all that managed to get her through until day two and with more bleeding she went back to hospital where they were surprised to find she was already 8cm dilated.

Isabel told me that her initial midwife who welcomed her to the ward went through three shifts with her!!

On day four, Isabel’s baby was on the way at 10cm dilated and she’d done it all with just gas and air. Then disaster struck. For no apparent reason the baby turned suddenly halting the labour and going back to back.

The midwives tried to get it all going again with fake Oxytocin to no avail. Isabel was given first an epidural as her exhausted body gave up and then a spinal block as they wanted to do a Caesarean. Isabel asked them to try Ventouse (which failed) and then forceps before cutting her open.

Fortunately they managed to deliver little Zennor with forceps! She weighed a healthy 7lb 8.

Though it was all quite a long ordeal for Bel, she said that actually it was fine and the HypnoBirthing techniques really helped her to cope with it. The problem was just that after four days of labour and no sleep she was too exhausted to go any further.

I expected to find Isabel huddled under blankets on her couch, a shadow of her former self, when I visited but she looked amazing. Bright-eyed and super chilled.

Zennor is INCREDIBLE! Such a little tiny, wrinkled little ball of love. I’ve never felt anything like as overawed as I was looking at her. Maybe it’s cause my time in coming…

I had a little cuddle with her nestled on my chest. Best feeling in the world.

Now I actually can’t wait for mine to arrive. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!

The Marrow

Length – 44cm
Weight – 1920g

Although brains don’t complete their development until your teenage years, your baby’s brain is having another growth spurt this week. Skin is developing it’s proper colour. The baby is continuing to practice moving about and using her limbs. She’s also started to dream and she may react to loud noises and changes in light to dark.


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