Pregnancy week 32 – ouch!

costochondritis – my new word for the week.

It’s what I think this rib pain is all about. Admittedly this is a classic case of Internet self-diagnosis but I found it on a forum with hundreds of other pregnant chicks complaining about the exact same symptoms I’ve had.

Sharp, stabby rib pain. Usually localised to the right, under the breast in the bra strap area.

It’s worsened by sitting all day and only relived by lying down.

These are the exact symptoms I’ve had the last few weeks and have since made worse through stupidly hanging off Chuck’s chin up bar in a misguided bid to alleviate the pain!

There’s nothing I can do about this “costochondritis” though.

Normally you’d take anti-inflammatorys but they’re banned. Ho hum. If only I could just stay horizontal all day.

I’ve made another Neurolink appointment because along with the rib pain, the sciatica is also making a comeback.

I need to hit the reset button on my skeleton! Thank God for Matt and Neurolink!! The only safe way to fix pregnancy issues when paracetamol and ice packs fail.

Roll on the next 8 weeks!

The Yam

Length – 42.5cm
Weight – 1700g

The baby will spend most of it’s time gaining weight and beginning to turn so it’s ready to enter the birth path. All the senses are fully functional and organs are almost ready. The baby is now so large that they are using almost all the space in your uterus.


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