Pregnancy week 31 – Whining and moaning

I’ve been a class A moaner for the past few weeks. The thing is that while I had a short-lived enjoyment of pregnancy period circumstances have put me firmly back in the “hating it” box.

But honestly if you were me you’d feel the same.

Here is the main reasons for my malaise:

  • Constant nagging pain in the ribs where they’re being forced outwards
  • Bartholin cyst down there!
  • Pile despite things being the opposite of constipation most of the time!
  • Pulled ligament under right boob – baby keeps kicking it
  • Nose bleeds every morning
  • Exhaustion but inability to sleep through the night
  • Random bouts of puking
  • Melasma skin pigmentation all over my forehead
  • Sore nipples

I suppose I should be grateful for having shiny hair and strong nails. My bump is compact and so far my bum and hips have absorbed all the excess weight so only my bottom half is Elephant-like…

Of course I’m not though. I’m too grumpy about all these other horrendous symptoms of pregnancy to enjoy the positives (i’m a 36C!!)

Yesterday I went to the doctors about the pulled ligament and instead went home 2 hours later with a diagnosis of sugar in my urine. Had a blood test to check me for diabetes!!!

And I think I got a cold from the waiting room of misery too! Serious pregnancy couldn’t really get worse for me.

I feel this is really unfair 😦

I want to enjoy it. I love the way my body looks (although my thighs are unnecessarily humongous). It’s bringing Chuck and I so much closer. And I love feeling my little Ninja baby kick and shift inside.

I’m worried though. All these negative bits are contributing to my anxiety.

I worry about the Melon all the time. Is she going to be alright? I only take my vitamins sporadically because they make me sick… Have I stunted her mental development? What if she suddenly just dies inside me like Kelly Brook’s baby? What if the cord gets wrapped around her neck?

I’m normally so positive and optimistic but pregnancy has made me a worry guts!!

In my heart I’m sure everything will be fine but I’m struggling to quiet that little voice at the back of mind from whispering “what if it’s not?”

I know this is normal and all mums go through it to some degree. It just sucks that’s all.

Roll on the birth!!!


The Yam
Length – 41.1cm
Weight – 1502g

Bones are beginning to harder but she’ll remain very flexible for birth. Her brain is still growing and all her organs are ready except her lungs.


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