Pregnancy week 31 – HypnoBirthing and NCT

Well this was an exciting week! I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I had my first HypnoBirthing class.

Chuck and I went over to Shepherds Bush for the Skills for HypnoBirthing class – it’s just two lessons of 2.5hrs rather than the really long 10 – 12 hour course.

I’d already read the book and so had Chuck (after month’s of campaigning and a well timed flight to Florida) so I didn’t feel I needed the full course. Plus it’s normally about £300 and seeing as I’d already shelled out almost that much for NCT I didn’t think it was very sensible spending.

There was just two other women on the course and they didn’t bring their husbands. One had already had two kids, the other had just one and both of them were in their forties. I think we both wished there’d been younger mums there nearer our age but it didn’t actually matter as the NCT class is the one where we thought we’d probably meet “like-minded couples”. That’s why everyone takes NCT as far as I can see! It’s the only time paying for friends is really accpetable.

The HypnoBirth course was more about checking I was doing the breathing and relaxation techniques correctly and to help Chuck get to grips with how he can help me.

I actually enjoyed the class. We learned the breathing techniques and the science behind it all. We watched some videos – this was quite amusing as after each birth, the tissues had to be handed round as all three of us pregnant women were in floods of tears!

The teacher showed us some positions which help to alleviate the “surges” or contractions. And we did some belly mapping, i.e. to try establish where the baby is.

Mostly we did a lot of relaxations and visualisations. I left feeling very zen.


On Saturday Chuck and I spent three and a half hours at NCT class in a dingy church hall. I was concerned that it would be boring considering the ridiculous amount of birth and baby knowledge I’ve amassed in the past three years of editing the parenting section of the website I work for.

Actually it’s done in a very interesting and interactive way and I really enjoyed it. Chuck got more involved than I expected too.

As usual I felt like one of the youngest pregnant people – I guess our area is more mid-30s than early-30s like us but I’m probably wrong and just over-estimating how young I look. At 31 this is ridiculous.

Fortunately there was two girls there who I immediately got on with. Everyone seemed nice but these two really seemed like the type of girls I could easily imagine myself getting drunk in the pub with…

This is the scale on which I rate potential new buddies apparently. Could we get drunk together? Are they the type of girls who says “shall we just have the one” but means bottle rather glass.

It’s a barometer… Quite worryingly perhaps!!

The Yam
Length – 41cm
Weight – 1500g

Bones are beginning to harder but she’ll remain very flexible for birth. Her brain is still growing and all her organs are ready except her lungs.

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