Pregnancy week 30 – Rib ache

It’s pregnancy week 30 and I feel HUGE but the bump is resolutely compact and neat fortunately.

Alas I have a matching bump on the other side – my bum has got soooo big! From the top you can barely even tell I’ve gained weight. From the bump down, I’m like a baby hippo.

I have the temper of a hippo too. I’m so hormonal that everything annoys me or makes me cry.

The main reason for my malaise is the serious rib ache I’m getting. My ribs feel like they’re being prised apart – it hurts!! I almost feel like someone has their fingers inside the top of my ribs and is pulling them outwards.

It’s in the exact spot my bra is supposed to sit but because the bra band is tight and is basically holding the ribs in place it’s become a torture device rather than a supportive one.

I managed to find a decent maternity bra in Mother Care but the band is still way to thin to be comfortable on tender, expanding ribs. I’m now officially a 36C. It would be amazing news if I could enjoy wearing pretty bras and looking hot but instead I have to wear non-underwired moulded cup bras for as long as I can bare…

I usually have to take my bra off at about 2pm when I can’t stand it any longer. I’d go bra-less all the time but I’m concerned about sagging. It’s bad enough having 32AA breasts in the first place but if they go saggy too!! Can you imagine?

I’m guessing the rib ache comes from the baby growing and pushing my bones and organs out of the way. She’s in the way of my diaphragm too. I’m constantly out of breath and I struggle to walk and talk at the same time now. It’s quite tragic.

Knowing that I’ve got another 10 weeks of this worries me!! What are my poor ribs going to feel like when she’s three times the size she is now?!! How am I going to breath?

a butternut squashThe Butternut Squash

Length – 39.9cm
Weight – 1319g

She’s got opinions now – the little butternut squash is deciding what she likes the sound/smell/taste of and what she’s not so keen on. Her bone marrow is producing red blood cells and her lungs are more active. She’s probably still covered with lanugo – a downy fur – but she’ll start shedding that from now. Toes and fingernails are complete and she’s getting into optimum birthing position… hopefully.


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