Pregnancy week 29 – Hormonal mess

Chuck went to Florida on Tuesday morning at 6.45am and I cried like a war widow for half an hour after the taxi pulled away.

It’s the hormones!

The baby is kicking really strongly now. Although her little jabs, presses, upper cuts and lightning kicks are more measured now. She’s putting her weight behind them now and they last longer. Like Bruce Lee after he hits something. I can almost imagine her in there punching my side with a “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ya” dramatic pause at the end of each attack!

The horror of bra shopping

I loathe bra shopping. This is another thing hormones don’t help out with.

I hated bra shopping when I measured a measly 34AA and I hate it now I’m a 36C (apparently). I used to think it was my mini boobs that were the reason I could never find a bra that really fit and didn’t gape open. But now I have big jubblies and bras still don’t sit right or feel comfortable.

I tried on 12 bras in John Lewis and ONE of them was acceptable. Not comfortable, it didn’t really look good but it was acceptable. And this mediocre bit of kit set me back £30!!!

I was so miserable and depressed afterward I almost cried. I whinged at Chuck when I got home.

Bra shopping makes me feel like a failure as a woman.

Normal women own multiple pretty bras in plunge, balconette and t-shirt shapes that make their boobs look gorgeous and full under and out of clothes. They have bras in lots of colours with cute designs. Bras that have matching knickers.

I now have ONE bra I can wear.

My previous two bras that I bought at three months now don’t fit. An besides they are an uninspiring black teenage training bra and an ugly flesh coloured moulded cup thing that comes up so high it is devoid of ANY sexiness and mades me feel like a grandma.

The main reason for rejection for at least nine replacement bras I tried on was the comfort factor. When your ribs are being forced outwards from the inside, the last thing you want is a thin band putting pressure on you from the outside.

Why don’t they make bras with bands that are wide and comfortable for pregnant chicks? In fact… why is it so bloody hard to find maternity bras outside of Mothercare. They should have those in John Lewis damn it! And just so we’re clear, I’m taking maternity NOT nursing bras.

I’m considering giving up bras until my ribs are my own again. Only eleven weeks (ish) of this left.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Pregnancy sucks.

a butternut squashThe Butternut Squash

Length – 38.6cm
Weight – 1153g

The baby has become a fish for all intents and purposes. It’s still swimming about it the amniotic fluid but now it’s started breathing the stuff in too! She’s expanding her lungs to take in the fluid in practice for when she needs to breath air. All her senses are developed so life inside has become a bit more interesting.



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