Pregnancy week 28 – mini glucose test & birth fears

Many weeks ago at my first midwife appointment I was handed a bottle of lucazade and a pamphlet.

These lived on my dressing table until Thursday when, as instructed, I fasted for an hour, drank 3/4 of the bottle and then attended another midwife appointment. The pamphlet says the test MUST be done an hour after you have your drink but I was still twiddling my thumbs in the waiting room an hour and a half afterwards so not sure how much use this test will have been.

It involved another needle in my arm and two vials of blood too. The blood blister/bruise it left is grim!

I don’t particularly enjoy this side of pregnancy but I guess if it highlights any potential gestational diabetes then it’s a good thing. I don’t actually know how accurate it’ll be considering how much they flouted the rules of the pamphlet though…

I was also told I had see an anesthesiologist about my back (dodgy plates and stuff going in there) and I must book my appointment straight away.

They said this at my booking appointment but since then no-one’s mentioned it and usually they either tell you to book your next appointment at the reception or do it for you then and there. If I’d have known that I needed to book right away I would have done. Anyway, I tried and the earliest they can see me is June. About 4 weeks before the guess date rather than the ten weeks they originally suggested.

I do not want an epidural and fingers and toe’s crossed I will not need one either. I’d rather they knock me out completely rather than slice my belly open while I’m awake. Horrific.

I’m totally zen about giving birth but the thought of an epidural actually terrifies me.

The midwife was snotty about me preferring to be under general for any emergency cesarean but it’s not her body and I’ll decide what I do and don’t want done to it thank you very much.

Of course when the time comes and if that situation arises I probably won’t care either way – just as long as they can get the melon out without killing her or me then I’ll be happy… ish.

Typing this out is giving me the fear…

I think I’m just going to go back to hoping I can do Hypnobirthing and that everything will go smoothly. That’s the plan. That’s what’s going to happen. And everything will be wonderful! It will.

The Curly Cabbage

Length – 37.6cm
Weight – 1005g

The baby is on a mission to gain subcutaneous fat and muscle tone this week. She can now open her eyes and will learn to blink. Bone structure can now support her but the actual bones remain soft and pliable – they won’t get properly hard until she’s about four years old. She has to be flexible for the birth so her joints won’t fuse yet either. She’s also working on making her first ever poo which is called a meconium. What on earth is she putting in it?!

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