Pregnancy Week 27 – The Third Trimester!

We’ve done it. We’re on the home stretch!!

I turned 27 weeks pregnant giving the melon a whopping 95% chance of survival should she choose this week to greet the world (please don’t darling!!) and putting us officially in the third trimester! Whooop!

This week I’ve started to feel her really pushing me from the inside. I can feel her stretching out and wrigggling. It’s the strongest sensations I’ve had so far.

The dreaded Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) which I thought I had seem to have abated thankfully. Still being quite careful and following Betty’s advice of “sitting in mermaid” rather than crossing my legs whenever I remember though.

Friends with babies and bumps

I think I already mentioned that two of my best friends are also pregnant. Isabel and Blair were both bridesmaids at my wedding too! When I discovered I was pregnant, Alice and Betty were also expecting and they’re both proud mummies now. Other than them I only have two other friends who have young children in London and one who lives with her brood in Brighton. Hopefully I’ll make more mummy friends in my local area at NCT class…

Isabel, who is about six weeks ahead of me, is suffering with SPD and also now anaemia. She’s having a rubbish time of it. Betty suffered badly with SPD too and up until I read her husband’s blog I’d never even heard of it! There ought to be a book called “Pregnancy: All the things they don’t tell you” – maybe I should write it? Maybe it already exists…

Another surprising thing I learned was that baby girls have periods! My friend Blair, who is four weeks behind me, and I had lunch with a mutal friend. Though childless herself Jade has been around a lot of babies and informed Blair and I that girl babies have a mini period in the first week or so after birth!!! WTF?!

I looked it up afterwards. It’s true! Something to do with mum hormones leaving thier little bodies. Eek. No body mentions that to you!!! It’s going in the book… maybe there’ll be a sequal. “The First Year: All the things they don’t tell you”.

The Cabbage

Length – 36.6cm
Weight – 875g

Eyelids start to open this week and she can see –  though the view isn’t all that. She has fully formed eyelashes and eyebrows. She’s got coloured eyes but they won’t be decided until after the birth. Hands are completely functional but don’t know when to hold or let go. Lungs are a few weeks from completion but she could breathe with assistance if born now.

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