Pregnancy week 26 – Babymoon

I decided ages ago that we needed a Babymoon. A short break, just me and Chuck, before the baby arrives.

I picked Corfu as I figured it was south enough to be fairly warm but only three hours flying time away. I managed to find a ridiculously cheap deal on Teletext and even though it meant flying on Ryanair (!) from Stansted (!) it was in a 5-star hotel that Trip Advisor has rated as one of the best on the island.

The break was wonderful. We did nothing. Slept, larded about and I read three books: Caitlin Moran’s “How to be a woman” (awesome) and something called “Sister” which was very good. I also dispatched Gina Ford’s “Contented Little Baby” Book and concluded that I may as well give it a go when the melon arrives – I like routine sometimes.

Chuck read three chapters of the HypnoBirthing book. In fairness, English is his second language so I’m, in fact, hugely proud of this. And it’s so touching that he’s taking the birth so seriously. Although with each finished chapter he fancies himself as the foremost authority on whatever the subject was!

Chuck and I hired a car so we could escape our fellow beginning-of-season-bargain-hunting-holiday-makers and see a bit of the island.

Every other resort on the island was still closed which is quite eery and gives it a bit of a run-down vibe but it also meant we could spend entire days on beautiful deserted sandy beaches without seeing another soul.

Chuck got very badly burnt. I shouldn’t laugh but I told him to wear suncream and he half-heartedly applied some to his chest. So while the majority of him is red raw and painful his chest is white and has actual finger marks where he stopped rubbing it in. Ha ha ha. I know I said I shouldn’t laugh but honestly!

Chuck thinks he has “natural protection” from the sun because he’s Vietnamese. This is rubbish. He doesn’t. And it’s not like this is the first instance of him being burned to a crisp after I warned him to wear sun protection.

Enjoying the alone time

Sorry in advance if this is an overshare…

There’s one thing about the second trimester of pregnancy that I didn’t expect and that’s the horniness. Blimey! I mean I am like a teenager at the moment. Chuck’s naturally reaping the rewards of this sudden upsurge in horny hormones but it’s such a weird thing. I’m pretty sure I’ve woken up from some erotic-type dream (often starring Ashley Banjo or the dude from Spartacus) every morning for the past month.

Of course as I’m already pregnant it’s not like we have to worry about that anymore so we may as well enjoy it.

The holiday was a huge success in all in all. We got to spend some much needed down time and recover from stressful work stuff plus we had the perfect opportunity to bond with the bump and each other.

That said we were both happy to arrive home on Monday afternoon and spack out on the sofa in front of Spartacus: Vengeance. They’ve changed the actor who places Sparty and he’s not as good as dream Sparty though.

With so much thinking time in Corfu, I’ve got some great ideas for the future so watch this space… “This time next year Rodney. We’ll be Millionaires!”

The Broccoli

Length – 35.6cm
Weight – 760g

The baby is now the size of a small melon but mums belly is more like a football. Brain capacity is that of a newborn now but theres still some learning to be done while brain function is perfected. Lungs are still producing surfactant – a soapy substance which prevents the lungs from sticking to themselves and tearing. It’s vitally important as it allows lungs to drain amniotic fluid and fill with air properly when she’s born.

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