Pregnancy week 25 – Saving lives

I was a bit of a hero this week.

I came home and saw a couple who I thought were looking under a car a few doors up from our house. They had a dog with them and I smiled as I went through the front gate.

The girl goes “do you think this is funny?” in a typically chavvy accent that instantly made me think she might beat me up but thinking they were probably my neighbours I hadn’t yet met I thought I’d better go and make peace.

So I approached and was just explaining that I was smiling cause their dog was cute when I realised the guy wasn’t looking under the car he was passed out on the pavement!

I got the chick to help me put him into the recovery position and tipped his head until I could feel his breathing again. He was a worrying shade of grey when I first got to him! She didn’t want me to call an ambulance – now I know it’s snobby and worringly Daily Mail-ish but given that it was 6.30pm and they both stank of booze and he was wearing those heavy trackie bockies that go in at the ankles which no self-respecting person would ever don, I figured it was because they’d been on a bit of a bender. Did I mention that the dog was a pitbull. Of course it was. (I’ve already apologised for the snobbery!)

I coaxed it out of her that he’d been taking some prescription drugs and I explained that the ambulance people don’t care what you’ve taken they just help and she agreed so I got on the phone to 999 and the ambulance guy talked me through checking the unconcious dudes airwaves again.

The ambulance arrived just as the guy was starting to regain conciousness and pleasently, slurringly informed me that he “needed a piss”. Lovely.

I told the ambulance girls that he’d taken valium and mogadon. They’d never heard of mogadon.

I explained that it’s an anti-anxiety drug (benzodiazepine) – I know this because I watch a lot of House. I knew all those hours in front of the TV would serve me well one day – next week I’ll be solving crime with all my detailed CSI knowlegde and building a house from scratch thanks to Grand Designs!

Anyway – the guy was put in the ambulance and the previously hostile girl threw her arms around me and cried on my shoulder. She actually wasn’t horrible. I felt quite bad about my snobbishness but obviously not bad enough to not repeat it again here.

Turns out they don’t live on the street but judging by the twitching curtains from the house I thought they belonged to the actual neighbour isn’t very public spirited. Didn’t even come out to see if I needed any help! Leave it to the pregnant chick to save lives.

Pregnancy is so tiring and I’m so irritable!

My sister asked me if I felt the adrenalin going during “the incident”  but honestly I didn’t. I was zen and calm.

It could be cause I’m so damn tired. By the time the weekend rolled around I was a ball of pent up anger thanks to three consecutive shitty night’s sleep. I wake at 3am and that’s it – no chance of getting back to a good state of sleep.

We had to drive to North London to collect our crib – £20 from Gumtree. Bargain – and I hated it all the way round.I was just so tired and the North Circular traffice made me irrationally irate. I was a seething bowl of rage.

Then on the way back some knob end tried to run me off the road by swerving into my car on the M25 causing me to swerve wildly into the fast lane.

Nothing was coming – I’d checked – but it was terrifying. Chuck was livid at me. I was livid at Chuck for thinking any of it was my fault. And then I was livid at myself just in case I actually had misjudged what I thought I saw and the guy – who definitely didn’t look – was moving steadily into my lane and hadn’t – as I thought- just suddenly decided to pull out.

I could see him signalling but I thought he’d wait until I overtook before starting to move.

I was exhausted from the rage and resentment when we got home.

We decided we’d get the train to Brighton the following day instead of me driving…

Banjo and Brogan

The following day we went to see baby Brogan, our friends’ recently arrived bundle of joy. He’s amazing! And enormous. Betty told me he’s so big I can borrow all their newborn stuff because he’s far too big for it all already – it’s all practically brand new! Amazing.

Our trip to Brighton was actually to see Ashley Banjo and Diversity’s gig at the Brighton Centre. It was wicked. We went to the matinee performance though. I think the atmosphere would have been better at the evening gig but I still loved it.

The Papaya

Length – 34.6cm
Weight – 660g

The spine is all settling into place this week and the baby is able to support her body weight. Brainwave patterns are starting to emerge along with memory. Fingerprints are all ready.

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