Pregnancy week 23 – Kicks and the return to sickness

Can I kick it?

It’s been a super exciting week! Literally after I made my last post about not feeling the Mini Melon kicking, I felt her kick me. Probably in protest at being accused of being a later bloomer – she’s a her mother’s daughter already!

It’s the weirdest experience. In all honesty at first it made me laugh and then it made me feel a bit sick.

It’s been a week of wiggling about inside and I’m still not used to it. This squirmy little live thing inside me – it’s just weird!!


Chuck missed the first few kicks cause he was away in Japan. When he got back he was quite impressed. I think I expected a stronger reaction but I’m coming to realise that Chuck still feels detached from the whole process. It depresses me a bit but he doesn’t have a child growing inside him so he can’t imagine how it feels.

I’m trying to make sure he feels part of it and included but I actually don’t think he’s fussed. He’s more about the main event and actually being a dad.

That said, he’s being brilliant about looking after me. Last night he served me Chinese in the bath cause I was too tired and uncomfortable to cook.

The return of morning sickness, sleeplessness and aches

This week morning sickness returned. I can’t keep my lunches down. And I’m also jolting awake at 3am and not being able to get back to a good REM sleep state – consequently I’m knackered.

Yesterday the baby felt so heavy and it made the bottom of my stomach so uncomfortable I had to lie on the office floor for ten minutes. When I got home I got straight into the bath and ate my wonton soup from a kneeling position in the tub.

It was the only way to make it ease up and even then it still bloody hurt. I also found lying on my front in the bath suspending myself on my forearms so the bump is lifted away from the bottom of the bath is also quite relaxing – but it’s quite a physical effort to stay suspended so this isn’t ideal.

We’re off to Corfu in a few weeks and now I sort of wish it was the Dead Sea so I could just float about… can you go in the Dead Sea when you’re pregnant?

Maybe a trip to the Nirvana spa for a floatation treatment would do the trick… I’ll investigate.

The Aubergine

Length – 28.9cm
Weight – 501g

Brain development steps up a gear and emotional responses are being set by the cerebrum. She’s learning hunger, thirst, sadness, fear and happiness… not sure how when she lives in a sack of fluid though? Eyes, hair and skin are getting their pigments. Jaw muscles are strenthening allowing her to feed and she may be practicing sucking by using her thumb! Her body and head are finally in proportion now too.

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