Pregnancy week 22: twinges and shimmers

I can’t really describe this weird feeling I’m getting at the moment. Basically there’s this new roll of fat above my bump and under my boobs and now and again I get this odd shimmery, twingey feeling – like a fast fluttering in just one little area or another on this new roll.

It’s so strange!

I don’t know what it is but it’s kinda odd – not in a bad way but just odd.

The roll of fat is caused by the bump pushing all the muscles and and stuff that isn’t baby-related up and out. I have a very compact little bump really – you can literally see where my stomach muscles have separated and opened out to accommodate the mini Melon.

This weekend I “up-cycled” – I spent the whole thing sanding, painting and decorating a broken down old TV stand. Felt quite guilty about the fumes afterwards. I was wearing my Vietnamese fume mask but I was scared I’d asphyxiated the Melon.

Then I got diarrhea for an hour. Not fun.

And now I feel fine again. Weird.

In addition we managed to find an awesome gliding rocking chair on a site called Nappy Valley which is second hand stuff from mums and dads in the Wandsworth / South West London area.

I wanted one since I tried one at John Leiws but it was £500! I went on Google to see if it was cheaper elsewhere and low and behold, the second listing was a chair and stool on Gumtree. That one was no longer available but after checking and I managed to find one that was in Southfields – for £50!!

We collected it on Saturday and installed it in the living room along with it’s stool and it is UH-MAY-ZING!!! I’m sitting in it now. It’s the best thing ever.

Still no definitive baby movement feelings. Hopefully next week. Finger’s crossed.

Chuck is away in Japan this week and I’m trying to stay busy. I almost cried coming home to an empty house. Sad isn’t it.

Oh. Booked a week in Corfu at the end of the month too. BABYMOON!!

The Cantaloupe

Length – 28cm
Weight – 430g

She only ways about a lb but from this point on she’ll be gaining body fat. Reproductive organs are completed this week and she’ll start to get nipples. She has white hair – pigment hasn’t yet developed. Facial features are just about finished so if we had a 3D scan now we’d have a pretty good idea of what she looks like.

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