Pregnancy week 21 – round ligament pains

I had nasty cramps running over my bump and from the inside.

I wasn’t scared about it because I’ve already come across this quirk of pregnancy.

They’re round ligament pains – they happen because as the Grapefruit grows my uterus is making room by stretching and remodelling my ligaments. Naturally that is a fairly painful process.

Like the stab of pain you get when you’ve over done it on the sit ups.

It bloody hurts though. I thought I’d walk it of with a lunchtime stroll to the park (the sun has finally cone back. WRONG! Exercise actually makes them worse.

Tried lying on the floor in our meeting room. That helped a bit but the hard floor made my sciatica play up – I can’t win.

The sciatica is much much better though. Hardly have any issue anymore and I’m having Neurolink again this week so hopefully that’ll be the end of it altogether.

Last week’s pregnancy massage really helped too.

It might sound excessive but health and wellbeing are my priorities right now – that’s why I’ve been so reluctant to buy any new clothes… Until now 🙂

The Banana

Length – 26.7 cm
Weight – 360g

The baby is now learning biological functions. Things like her heart rhythm are becoming established and her sleep/wake cycle is starting to kick in. She’s still very skinny and her skin is basically see-through but the brain is also having a huge growth spurt which means her actual size won’t increase too much while energy is focused on growing heart and brain functions. She has fingernails, toenails, eyelashes and eyebrows though!

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