Pregnancy week 21 – new threads

It’s so important to keep a sense of yourself when your pregnant.

In the first trimester I felt so shoddy I couldn’t be bothered to do my make up and none of my clothes fit me. It was horrible. I’ve rarely had such a crisis in style and self esteem. Pathetic really!

I wasn’t sure if I could have my hair dyed so I just left it until I had two-inch roots in my highlights. It look limp, lifeless and greasy.

I was literally the opposite of “glowing”.

Fortunately I discovered organic hair dye and got my hair sorted (back to brunette). That helped. I felt a bit better about myself after that.

Then I got a couple of maternity tops and felt almost elegant again! Who knew a top could make such a difference.

Make up made a reappearance on the morning routine when – at 16 weeks – I finally managed to drag myself up before 8.30am!

This weekend Chuck and I hit up H&M and I bought two pairs of maternity jeans, a new blazer and a maternity tee. I felt cool again! I’ve been living in leggings and yoga pants from American Apperal.

I also purchased a brand spanking new pair of awesome Nike high-tops.

I feel officially less “harassed pregnant person” and way more “back to my old self but plus a gorgeously dressed bump”.

I know these sort of superficial things probably shouldn’t have such a pronounced effect on my mental state but, seriously, you can’t imagine the joy of looking in a dressing room mirror and seeing yourself pregnant, wider than ever before but looking awesome.

It’s my Gok moment.

The Banana

Length – 27cm
Weight – 360g

The baby is now learning biological functions. Things like her heart rhythm are becoming established and her sleep/wake cycle is starting to kick in. She’s still very skinny and her skin is basically see-through but the brain is also having a huge growth spurt which means her actual size won’t increase too much while energy is focused on growing heart and brain functions. She has fingernails, toenails, eyelashes and eyebrows though!


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