Pregnancy week 20 – it’s a…

It’s the end of pregnancy week 20. It’s been a good week! It’s the half way point!!! Only another 18 to 22 weeks to go.

On Monday we had our 20-week scan at Chelsea and Westminster hospital. I’ve been 100% convinced that I was carrying a boy. I’ve no idea why. Just a feeling. Maybe because I initially wanted a girl?

I wasn’t really fussed but I thought seeing as I am a girl I’d find being mum to a girl would be slightly easier. That’s probably rubbish but it was my initial reaction.

Then when I thought about it more I thought I’d actually prefer a boy because boys born under the cancer sign are so lovely (like Tommy, Chuck’s “brother” who now lives in Oz). So I basically changed my mind and thought maybe I wanted a boy too.

Anyway I became convinced I was having a boy and either way was fine with me because I wanted one of each.

So our 20-week scan went ahead and the technician or whatever the scan-people are called made lots of encouraging noises. All growth and development was spot on. Right size, right bits, no sign of any birth defects, everything as it should be – plus we’re still on course for the 9th July “guess date”.

They make you go all the way through all this before they reveal the sex of your baby – for some reason the gender of my unborn Mango was more of interest than the health and wellbeing. I guess I took it for granted.

We were told for a boy they can usually spot something sticking out between the legs so as the legs were scanned and measured Chuck and I looked for signs.

What we thought could have been a willy turned out to be umbilical cord!

Finally the scan woman searched with her scanner for signs of sex – a sticky outy willy or three lines for a girl.

Our baby had…

THREE LINES!! We’re having a girl!!!!

We were both over the moon! I’m never usually happy about being proven wrong but I was so excited. A little daughter is growing inside me!

Chuck was thrilled. She’s going to be such a daddy’s girl.

Old wives tales for having a girl:

  • Carrying high –nope, the baby is pretty much in the middle
  • Sweet cravings – nope, I’ve wanted cheese, veggie sushi and salads mostly.
  • Heartbeats –actually don’t know what her heart speed is so can’t answer this one.
  • Round face –my face isn’t round and rosy. It’s normal… so far
  • Husband weight gain – apparently if your husband puts on weight your having a girl. This HAS happened.
  • Left boob bigger than the right – yeah, that is true too actually. Slightly.
  • 71% of mum’s guess correctly – I’m not one of them.
MangoThe Mango

Length – 25.5cm
Weight – 300g

Half way point! The placenta has finished growing, the vernix (weird cheesy lube) is covering the baby from top to toe and is beginning to thicken. Blaaah. She’s getting teeth buds complete with enamel and hair. She can see, hear and smell – I can’t imagine what she’s looking at or sniffing though. She’s starting to get a uterus now too.


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